Building Systems

VRF Air-conditioning:   This state-of-the-art and highly energy-efficient air-conditioning system provides heating and cooling to the new office floors. The VRF (variable refrigeration flow) allows energy to be captured and reused. For example, energy from the sun heating the south side is captured and transferred to heat areas on the cooler north side. The system is modular and allows for virtually endless zoning capability, providing the optimum temperature in all areas of each floor.

Energy Recovery Ventilations (ERV) have been installed to enable warm exhaust air to heat up the cooler fresh supply air that is being introduced into the building, resulting in significant energy savings.

Modern HVAC controls regulate the business environments and allow for flexible operating hours as required by many businesses. The HVAC systems on each floor are able to provide 24/7 service independent of the building regular operating hours.

Indirect lighting is provided by pendant lighting fixtures that illuminate the exposed ceilings in the new floors. The energy-efficient light fixtures direct 70% of the light up to the ceiling above to provide a uniformly lit space, where the remaining 30% of the light is directed down to light the work surfaces.


Three elevators and one service elevator provide speedy service to the office floors. While the interiors of the elevators still feature the original interiors with marble floors, wood wall panels and bronze metal detailing, the controls have been upgraded to modern, solid-state elevator controls.

The modern new washrooms feature high-end fixtures and finishes. Low-flow fixtures and motion-sensored flush valves conserve water usage. Energy-efficient lighting fixtures are controlled with motion sensors. Walls are clad with floor to ceiling porcelain tile and partitions are full-height glass partitions. The new washrooms are very modern and spacious.

A card access system provides electronic security to all common areas and single tenant floors. This system is compliments with a digital, high-resolution CCTV camera system providing electronic surveillance of all entry points and common areas.