Office Interiors

Modern with a Heritage Heart.

All newly renovated office floors now feature exposed ceilings, where all suspended ceilings have been removed to expose the clean concrete structure of the floor above, providing 10 foot ceiling heights throughout.  The structure has been painted white to reflect daylight and enhance a very bright office environment.

Wide Open Spaces.

Floors are primarily left open with minimal interior partitioning, which creates wide open spaces conducive to a collaborative work environment. Where offices or meeting rooms are required, these rooms feature glass fronts and doors to allow daylight to penetrate and maintain the sense of openness.

Contemporary & Sleek Finishes

Lighting is provided with very modern pendant light fixtures suspended from the exposed ceilings. Glass, stainless steel, copper, stone, and wood are used to provide customized office interiors.

Openable Windows

All windows are openable, allowing each occupant to compliment the abundance of daylight with fresh air from outside.

Smell the ocean, hear the birds, sense the vibe of the city.

Windows have been replaced with double pane glass in aluminum frames for energy efficiency and low maintenance.

Customized to your brand.

Interior finishes are customized to reflect the corporate branding and identity of each business. The wide open space of each floor plate effectively provides a blank canvas to design customized business interiors.